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Create a Tree of Categories to Drive Channel Growth with Amazon Product Taxonomy Services of Evantage

Well-suited product taxonomy is the salient feature to upgrade website usability as well as user experience. The more easily and conveniently your visitors can locate the products, the more quickly they are likely to complete the purchase evantage assures that your products are listed in accurate and appropriate categories on your Amazon store, to upgrade the overall user experience and boost up the product sales. Our experts execute an in-depth Metadata and content research to generate standardized product taxonomy promoting quick and easy navigation. The process covers attribute definition and value generation of all the categories as well as related products.

Amazon Product Taxonomy Services: Creating a Tree of Categories to Drive Channel Growth

Being a part of Amazon taxonomy and organization services, we help in spotting out similar products and classifying them appropriately in relevant categories and subcategories. Our experts are rich in domain expertise and work in tandem the industry standards & international classification coding systems for creating a string of categories and furnish the perceptive classifications for customers to navigate their journey across the Amazon store.

Our gamut of services for Amazon product taxonomy services include:

  • Product attribute definition
  • Attribute data localization
  • Attribute data cleansing
  • Collection taxonomy definition
  • Presentation taxonomy mapping

We understand that listing on each channel is somehow troublesome and complicated. For example, product taxonomy for your ecommerce store would be Women> Handbags & Totes while on Amazon store it appears as Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry > Women > Handbags & Wallets > Totes.

Importance of Amazon Taxonomy Development Services

As soon as you outsource your Amazon product categorization services, professionals at evantage assist you in categorizing your items across Amazon store skillfully and make it convenient for the customers to find products they desire to purchase.
  • Rational, Stratified design: From top-level product category to miniature details, we keep eye on the product content which is easy-to-navigate and displayed in a logical, hierarchical format. This aids product level merchandizing, product page level optimization, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and integration with comparison shopping engines.
  • Product Features and Values: Our experts precisely illustrate and standardize product attributes and relevant values to create suitable product taxonomy.
  • Grease the Search wheels: Our experts flawlessly divide products in categories and subcategories to converge search results and allows easy and quick finding of the items to the visitors.
  • Elevated Shopper Experience: Suitable product taxonomy is a proper arrangement of categories, images and descriptions that results in improved online shopping experience for customers.

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Account Creation and Documentation

We first create your Amazon Seller account to take you on board to a new ecommerce journey! And hence you are required to share your phone number, credit card details, Tax ID and all business information which will be carefully verified by Amazon.

Activation Account approval and Registration

Once verified by Amazon, your seller account is now activated and you are now the part of Amazon seller community. So the next thing we help you with is Brand Registry. Amazon Brand Registry helps you protect your registered trademarks on Amazon and helps you create a trustable image among customers. Also, sometimes your product category might require some special approval.You are even asked to provide UPCs, ISBNs, etc., which will no more be your headache, once outsourced to us!

Product Onboarding

Finally, after all the registrations and approvals, Amazon now allows you to onboard your product listings for selling to the customers. Evantage does that with full expertise! With a team of adept content writers and backend SEO managers, we create the best product landing pages and an attractive web-store that will fetch you, maximum customers.

Management and Optimization:

This is the most significant step of all, as it includes complete inventory management along with smooth order processing. We regularly update your seller account and optimize each product’s sales by running various ad campaigns and continuously enhancing the content. We work on product reviews, their metadata, store-views, purchases and all the aspects of your seller account so that you are able to expand your business without getting any stress.

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